Dryer One

the ultimate drying technology  

DRYER ONE™ - Light range

Le DRYER ONE™ Light, with only one disc,
suited for lower productions and reducing costs,
while still recovering some end of process excedentary energy.

light range1

  • The halved drying surface of the DRYER ONE™ Light makes it perfect to equip applications requiring lower production rates, at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Its one disc does not allow the same optimization of energy consumption as the standard version. But the DRYER ONE™ Light makes up for it by recirculating the air from the end of the drying process through the wet product .

  • This way, most part of the excess energy is recovered and the air containing most dust is reinjected in the cycle and filtered by the wet product.


Drying Surface


outer wall

of production

 DO 100L  100 m²  13,59 m  15 m  6 t/h
 DO 150L  150 m²  16,05 m  15 m  9 t/h
 DO 200L  200 m²  19,76 m  15 m  12 t/h
 DO 250L  250 m²  22,23 m  15 m  15 t/h
light range2