Dryer One

the ultimate drying technology  

Technic One Engineering

The exclusive technology DRYER ONE™ has been developed and patented by the company Technic One, installed in the Plénesses industrial zone of Thimister.

Since 1983, Technic One is a developer of smart industrial equipments. That's why in 2012, to meet market demand, Technic One has developed a new rotary drying technology using hot air called DRYER ONE ™.



Technic One is member of :

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The drying technology DRYER ONE™ enables the processing of a large range of forest and agricultural products, in addition to the recovery of waste materials.

Continuous flow smart drying technology


The material to be dried e is loaded onto a rotating plate through which passes a hot air flow. After a 360° rotation, the partially dried material is transferred onto a second plate where it is rotated again, thereby completing the drying process.

Various control processes are used to ensure the good working and to reach the desired moisture content of the product.