Dryer One

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Smart drying Technology


Patented by Technic One

Continuous air flow drying and counter current rotating disc


DRYER ONE ™ drying technology can process a wide range of forest and agricultural products.

The material to be dried is spread on a rotating disc which is traversed by a flow of hot air.

After a complete rotation, the partially dried material is transferred to a second rotating disc, where it performs an opposite rotation, which completes the drying process.

Different control processes ensure proper operation and guarantee the desired humidity level of the product.


New Thinking

New Thinking

New Possibilities

DRYER ONE™ opens up new possibilities


DRYER ONE ™ is a drying machine, which dries the wet products at low temperatures, like 85-90°C range.

This technology is designed to meet the increasing demands for the safe and economical dryers, which meets the higher productivity requirements and higher quality & standards.

The design of operation also meets energy savings, flexibility, safety and considerably reduces dust emissions and VOCs pollution.

DRYER ONE™ dryers can easily adapt to all situations, especially when used as annexed unit to a gas burner, biomass burner or cogeneration unit.




Technic One Engineering

Since 1983, Technic One has been a recognized designer of intelligent industrial equipment.
In 2012, in order to meet market demand, Technic One developed an innovative rotary hot air drying technology called DRYER ONE ™.
This exclusive DRYER ONE ™ technology is patented by Technic One.
DRYER ONE ™ is a trademark and registered by Technic One.


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